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Meet Michael Childress

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On January 6th, 2021 I saw the shocking sight of our country's capital being stormed by individuals wrapped in flags and attempting to destroy those very freedoms that the flag represented. After witnessing this I went straight to reading the preamble to the constitution and the dichotomy of what I was seeing vs what I was reading propelled me into getting involved into politics and deciding to run for the County Board.


I have been a resident here in DuPage County for over 40 years. I have come to know the great people that live here as well as what they have to say and how they feel about the current status of DuPage. I've heard a lot of demand for change and I'm here to bring it to you in the exact way that you want it.

My adamant belief, rooted in democratic principles, is that we need to expand the electorate by making it easier to vote and getting our youths actively involved in their future as early as possible. It's very important to me that the young citizens realize how valuable and important their votes and voices are and I want to do all that I can to encourage all to engage in the democratic process early and at the local level.


Bringing About Helpful Change

Candidates run for office for many different reasons and have agendas that do not include the interest of the people. These locally elected officials are actively working to limit the rights of the people and to prevent the change that those very same people want. If all elections are local then we must codify our rights at the local level and in order to do this we must have:

  • Greater Stewardship when spending taxpayer dollars

  • Strong relationships with local labor unions to create jobs and opportunities 

  • Expand the Electorate (Preregistration for High School Juniors and Seniors)

  • Inclusive hiring practices at the municipal levels across the district

  • A true and accurate teaching of the History of our Country

  • Partnership with local businesses to create youth programs

  • Improved Mental Healthcare Services throughout the community

  • Community policing partnerships

  • Fair treatment of our immigrant communities and pathways to citizenship

  • A strong will to fight for all of the State and Federal grants DuPage County is entitled to

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